Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ Seminar at Bakersfield, Nottingham.

Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ Bakersfield, Nottingham

Gracie Barra Mansfields Professor Shane Mills with help from Riley Hinds were invited by Coach Ramone Codrington of Gracie Barra Bakersfield, Nottingham to conduct a kids / teenagers Seminar on Saturday 13th August.

Professor Mills and Riley commented on how great the kids were, how they listened intently and took onboard what Coach Codrington was teaching. And more importantly how much they really enjoyed the class.

It was lovely to share ideas, teach, and learn at the kids class. Professor Mills and Riley loved meeting the kids and teenagers. Professor mills and Coach Codrington enjoyed sharing coaching techniques and ideas with each other.

This event just highlights another great benefit of joining Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ. Professor Mills is always looking to improve not only himself but also others by sharing ideas with other professors and students. Made even more accessible with the 800 plus Gracie Barra School network.

Thank you for the invitation and hope to see you all again soon. Also thank you to Coach Ramone Codrington for the hospitality.

Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ Seminar at Bakersfield, Nottingham.