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Why did I choose Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ?

We asked a parent some questions on why they chose Gracie Barra Mansfield for their children to train.

Q: Why did you initially decide on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for your children to try?

A: I guess it came with minimal experience and a lot of hype.

Having two daughters I wanted both of them to be able to not only meet new people and gain life experiences but also be confident. After chatting as a family we decided martial arts was the way forward.

Having tried a few different martial arts when I was younger myself I wanted my children to learn something that was functional.

I had done several myself as a youngster and with no disrespect to them, found some to look more attractive rather than designed to be practical and useful.

I had heard a lot of hype in the UFC surrounding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so investigated a bit more.

After watching some UFC and listening to Joe Rogan I realised I wanted my kids to try this.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mansfield

Q: And why Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ?

A: After initially trying another school and not really getting a good gut feeling for the instructors.

We had heard about a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor called Shane Mills and how great he was teaching Kids.

We took our daughter to the classes. All we had heard was correct. Shane has an amazing way of teaching kids and they not only listen and learn but they hugely respect him.

The added bonuses provided by being part of Gracie Barra Mansfield speak for themselves. The number of schools in the UK gives great opportunity. The structure was detailed and organised, and the Gracie Barra values align themselves with our family too.

My daughters go on road trips to other GB schools as well as other GB schools coming to Mansfield. Gracie Barra comp net is a great way for my children to test themselves in completion against others while in a professional safe environment.

Every one we meet from other Gracie Barra schools are always welcoming and friendly, like extended family and friends.

Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ
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Q: Overall are you happy you chose Gracie Barra Mansfield?

A: Since starting Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ I have watched my daughters grow in confidence and become disciplined in what they want to achieve. I have noticed the knock on effect this has had on their entire life, not just in Jiu-Jitsu.

They do not hesitate to try things, get involved or share their opinions. They are constantly learning both on and off the mats. While the new friend networks they have made in the GB network only helps this.

With the help of great coaching from Shane Mills along with the Gracie Barra structure, my daughters have managed to win some great events including the World championships and the Europeans. The main thing being all the time they were enjoying it.

I think the most telling moment for me is that although sometimes they do not feel like going to classes because they are tired, the discipline it has taught them gets them through.

When the school was closed for lockdown during Covid-19, my daughters missed it so much they would ask everyday when they could return.

Gracie Barra Mansfield is an amazing friendly family orientated martial arts school with a excellent coaches. Professor Shane Mills is not only an amazing Brazilian jiu-Jitsu coach but a extremely knowledgeable martial artist. I would recommend to anyone, children or adults.

Gracie Barra Mansfield BJJ